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Siena was built along the most important and crowded road  of the Middle Age, the “Via Francigena”. Following the steps of thousands of pilgrims through the Old Town,  the tourists can have an idea of the magnificence they could have seen in the past. 
Considered the most Gothic Town of the entire region, Siena shows through its Cathedral its ancient richness and devotion to the beauty.
Let yourself be captivated by the only real competitor of Florence through the centuries, which gave a different answer to art and government, to its beauty and landscapes known all-over the world, visit Siena with us!

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How a “simple” Dome could become the symbol of Renaissance? Why artists as Leonardo Da Vinci, Michelangelo and Raphael decided to work here? Florence and its magical atmosphere are not only in what you can see, but they are mostly cashed in what you can feel walking on its streets. 
A travel through time made of art and beauty, secrets and violence. Everything you have ever searched in a tv serie is actually here, in the heart of Tuscany.


The mystery of the Hanging Tower and its “Miracle Square” would be already enough to decide to visit Pisa, but this town is much more! Galileo Galilei and his experiments, the Maritime Republics, the beauty and prestige of one of the most important university in Europe: the “Scuola Normale Superiore”. 
And… did you know that there are more than only one “hanging tower” in the city?
Visiting Pisa could be one the best choice you would ever do in your life as a tourist, make yourself a gift.



The artist Niki de Saint Phall, inspired by the Parc Guell in Barcelona, used the Tarot Garden as an expiation of all her fears and pains, transforming them into huge, beautiful sculptures inspired by the 22 major arcana of the tarot; some of them are so massive that you can actually visit (and live) them inside. 
The Tarot Garden it’s a real travel through art, esoterism and wonder set in the middle of Maremma Toscana. 
You can’t miss it.


Ancient Rome was built on seven hills; everything started in the eighth century b.c., with two brothers and
a she-wolf. Then the city grew bigger and bigger, palaces and temples were built. The most important
temple stood on top of the Capitoline hill, dedicated to the three major roman deities. Its foundations
stand nowadays in the Capitoline museums. A unique site where history, art and architecture meet to
reveal the life of ancient Romans. Discover the Roman gods and what the Romans thought about religion
and afterlife.


The smallest country in the world is waiting for you! A unique experience of beauty, art history in one of
the most surprising museums in the world! We will lead you through its sections and let you discover the
most amazing masterpieces of Renaissance artists and Roman art. Discover the lives of Michelangelo,
Raffaello and their patrons, the popes, and learn all about their, sometimes, tense relationships! Let
yourself be captivated by the statues in the Octagonal courtyard not to mention the celebrated frescoes of
the Sistine Chapel. And finally, step inside the biggest church in the world, Saint Peter’s basilica, a
masterpiece of baroque art.


Where was Rome first built? Who was Rome’s first king and why was he saved by a she-wolf? Where would
the emperors live? What was the daily life of a Roman citizen? If you want to immerse yourself in the
millenary history of Ancient Rome, this is the right private tour for you. Travel back in time in one of the
most incredible sites in the world and learn all about Rome and the life of ancient Roman citizens in the
political, religious and economic heart of the city, including the Colosseum, The Palatine Hill and the Forum.

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